Representation Rules and Regulations

Hey, thank you for your interest in representing Bar Brothers in your area. In order for you to start your own Bar Brothers group in your country, either you, or a person in your group has to complete the Bar Brothers Requirements. But, before we get into the requirements we want you to read what we are all about. Being part of the Bar Brothers movement means that you carry yourself as an optimist and you help those around you. Being a Bar Brother or Sister means that you want to be the best YOU can be! By following our core fundamentals of hard work, consistency, perseverance, no excuses, and never giving up. If you are interested in improving your health and fitness then we welcome you to our family!

In addition, remember that if you complete the requirements you will be able to conduct training sessions in your area for your group. You want to make sure you are able to help the individuals in your group to get at a training level like you and help them develop the Bar Brothers mentality. Bar Brothers Requirements: “7 Muscle Ups, 25 Push-ups, 10 Wide Grip Pull-ups, 25 Dips(On parallel bars), 10 Full Leg Lifts, 20 Pistol Squats (10 Each Leg), 7 Muscle Ups.” Bar Sisters Requirements: “1 Muscle Up, 10 Push-ups, 10 Pull-ups, 10 dips, 10 Full Leg Lifts, 50 Squats.” (This all has to be done in less than 4min and performed with clean form. Also, once you start an exercise it has to be done in a row, meaning you cannot rest in-between reps, only in-between sets.)

Record yourself completing the Bar Brothers or Sisters Requirements. Add your favorite music to the video or motivational speech. Upload the video on YouTube and name it “Bar Brothers or Bar Sisters Requirements – (Your City, Country)”. Once the link is on YouTube you can send it to “[email protected]”. Once we watch and review it we will send you a response that you can represent Bar Brothers or that you need to improve your requirement video.

Note that you can still create your groups Facebook page and Instagram and begin to promote before you complete the requirements to be a legit representative. All of these tools including YouTube help you represent your area to the best of your ability. It all depends on how hard you work and we only have one rule. Once you have become a stable representative and have gained support through our help, you can not later change all your group names to support a new brand that you made. That is why we ask before hand that you are sure you want to be a part of our Family because we believe in honesty and loyalty. There are many reps already worldwide! There will be a page on our website with a weekly updated list of worldwide reps coming soon.

The benefits of representing Bar Brothers is that when you come out with new YouTube video that we feel many people will love to watch, we share it on our Facebook page that has reach to millions of people. Also, Founders of Bar Brothers Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic will support your transformation and your team by giving you personal advice. In addition, when Bar Brothers have big workout events we will call on all our representatives around the world to come and represent their country. Additionally, official representatives get discounts on Bar Brothers merchandise. And best of all you will be part of a worldwide family of Brothers and Sisters that support you along the way of your journey of being the best that YOU can be!